About Us

Shop Hamilton is an organization comprised of local businesses, including professional services, retailers, restaurants, healthcare providers, hotels and local media. Caring for our consumers is part of our nature, and fundamentally, we believe that we are stronger together when we do so.

We are all part of the Hamilton community. Whether we are raising funds for a good cause, walking in a local parade, or simply joining in the fun at Oktoberfest, we believe that community matters. It matters because we live here, we work here, and we play here. You’ll see us while running errands, watching the kids play sports, or going for a walk in the park.

Shop Hamilton is here to provide the community with a wide range of businesses in a local setting, to give the ultimate experience in world-class service, and to make a difference.

Executive Board

The Shop Hamilton Executive Board helps to organize and influence how we work to improve the Hamilton Township business community.  Board members are dedicated to connecting business relationships and the continuing growth of Shop Hamilton and it’s members.

Joyce Cantalice, Financial Specialist, Park Avenue Securities

Co-Vice Chairperson
Cathy Campbell, Owner, Mercer County Woman

Co-Vice Chairperson
Jennifer Steffen, Senior Account Executive, The Hamilton Post

Jill Ryan, Owner, Ryan’s Commercial Maintenance

Jay Dugan, Founder/Creative Director, Radical Creative Co.

Member Committees

Member Booklet

Marilyn Silverman, Chairperson

  • Responsible for the coordination of the Shop Hamilton Booklet
  • Printing quarterly
  • Total of 4 volunteers

Impact Dinner

Joyce Cantalice, Chairperson

  • Responsible for selecting date and location of the Impact Dinner once annually
  • Development of invitations, power point, theme, guest list
  • Coordinate payment, printed materials, table seating, etc.
  • Total of 5 volunteers


Chris and Maureen Cline, Chairpersons

  • Responsible for approving all materials used to promote Shop Hamilton
  • Collecting and making up baskets for donation
  • Review and recommend all sponsorships
  • Develop an annual Shop Hamilton Marketing Budget
  • Total of 4 volunteers

Membership Drive

Cathy Campbell, Chairperson

  • Responsible for quarterly membership drive events.
  • Coordinate location, date, invite list, food, printed materials.
  • Develop program, power point, speakers, membership package.
  • Total of 5 volunteers


Brad Sabo, Chairperson

  • Work with township to select location in park.
  • All communication to members to solicit participation, communicate ideas, games, theme, baskets, banners, etc.
  • Setup and execution
  • Total of 8 volunteers

Website & Social Media

Jay Dugan, Chairperson

  • Verify that all members are listed on the website with their link, logo, and 50-word business description
  • Engage with members to receive information for their events, promotions, sales, etc. so that the website becomes relevant with up-to-date information and ongoing information.
  • Complete updates to website on a regular and timely basis
  • Develop a relationship with a local photographer. This person will photograph Shop Hamilton events, etc.   All photo’s will be maintained by Chairperson.
  • Photo’s will be posted on the website and forwarded to Facebook Manager for publishing.
  • Three volunteers in addition to Chairperson

Community Outreach

Chairperson Wanted

  • Work with It’s a Ruff Life to develop events
  • Coordinate events at Shop -Rite in conjunction with our local school sport teams. We will provide bags and probably limit one per shopper.
  • Coordinate events with other non-profits like Bromley summer food drive, Shine and Inspire, and others brought in through Chairperson
  • Coordinate location, printed materials, and all other items needed for event
  • Communicate event details to members

Total of 4 volunteers on committee.  Many volunteers for events.

Health & Wellness

EK Lalwani and Harold Laudien,Co-Chairpersons

Developed to include community businesses and events geared toward health and wellness.  First event will be a Blood Drive in coordination with Hamilton Continuing Care.

Total of 4 volunteers needed on committee.  Events will require additional volunteers.

Member Liason

Christina Spinelli, Chairperson

Christina will work with new members to acclimate them to Shop Hamilton and the benefits.  Member Welcome Packets will be developed and can be hand-delivered to new members.  This will give her an opportunity to meet the members, complete information on the spot, and get them off to a good start as a Shop Hamilton Member.  In addition, it further supports our goal of reaching out and meeting the community.


Christina will insure that all new member information is submitted to both the website and Facebook managers for publication. This includes logo, address, telephone, website link and any promos or events that they would like published.


Total of 2-3 volunteers  needed on this Committee