Why Shop Hamilton?

What is Shop Hamilton?

We are an organization comprised of local businesses working together to create a strong voice in the Hamilton Township community by providing members with essential services and many opportunities to promote their business.

Our mission is to promote small business through advocacy, education, and offering members access to the leaders, residents, and community organizations of Hamilton Township.

Work, Live, and Play Here

Community matters and as residents of Hamilton Township we work here, we live here, and we play here. We believe that by choosing local businesses, you not only enjoy a more personal experience but you also help build our community and relationships.

We believe that every dollar you spend at a local Hamilton Township business helps return money to our neighborhoods and our local economy.

Build Community Character

Supporting our independent small businesses helps give Hamilton Township it’s distinct personality.

When you personally know the people behind the businesses you’re buying from you enjoy a unique connection you would not otherwise have.

Why Should You Become a Member of Shop Hamilton?

One of the strengths of Shop Hamilton is in the opportunity to develop relationships with our fellow members.  Those relationships often result in increased business directly and úindirectly.  We also believe that we are stronger together.  Participating in local events together gives us a bigger presence, additional support, and added recognition.

Member Benefits

Shop Hamilton Member Directory Brochure

Printed annually the brochures over 50,000 Small Business Directories were distributed around Hamilton Township.  Distribution includes by mail in the Hamilton Post, and available in person at Hamilton Hotels, YMCA, RWJ Hospital and Wellness Center, Hamilton Township Public Library, Hamilton Township Municipal Building, at Township events, and at member locations through the town.

  • Member listing complimentary with membership
  • Ads available at additional cost 

Shop Hamilton Website

  • Opportunity to feature your business information on the Shop Hamilton website.
  • Promotions, News, and Events can be shared on our website and Facebook page

Oktoberfest and Hamilton Community Events

  • Attend Oktoberfest with Shop Hamilton. Savings of $500 if you attended on your own.
  • Experience the impact when a group of businesses plans and participates in events together.
  • 30,000+ residents attend Oktoberfest every year.

Monthly Networking Breakfast Meetings

  • Attend monthly meetings where events, direction, and other opportunities are discussed.
  • Hear directly from the Hamilton Township Mayor and Director of Economic Development about new businesses openings, direction of the community, and more.
  • Meet other members and begin building your network.

Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber

  • Shop Hamilton is a member of the Chamber, therefore, you can enjoy membership discounts on events and other opportunities.

Exclusive Paid Advertising Opportunities

  • Monthly Breakfast Sponsorship – Sponsor a Monthly Breakfast and have the spotlight on your business to promote your products, services, or upcoming events.  Sponsors will have the opportunity to set-up a small display, and make a presentation.
  • Hamilton Post Monthly Membership Spotlight – Purchase discounted space in the Hamilton Post available only to Shop Hamilton Members.  Space will include a story on your business and a full-color photo and/or logo.

Member Only Opportunities

  • Download the Shop Hamilton Member Directory for your direct mail campaigns
  • Receive member-to-member discounts and coupons
  • Download the Shop Hamilton logo for display on your website and marketing materials
  • Our Member Liason will help you through the process and guide you through more Shop Hamilton benefits
  • Join one of our Shop Hamilton Committees

Ready to Join?