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Briarwood Deli has proudly been Hamilton's hometown deli since 1987. Now currently a veteran-owned business, it continues to pride itself in providing quality homemade sandwiches, salads, hot foods, and catering. The owner, Sae Yi, was born and raised in New Jersey in the Trenton area. He is a proud Rutgers Alum and joined the Marines after graduating college in 2007.

After proudly serving for 4 years achieving the rank of Captain and having two deployments to Afghanistan under his belt, Sae returned home with an eye towards small business. When the opportunity came across to own an established and well known deli, he jumped on the chance to become a small business owner. He has now been the current owner of Briarwood Deli since 2013. Sae is incredibly thankful for all his loyal customers and amazing staff. Briarwood Deli will continue to serve the people of Hamilton with immense pride, dedication, expediency, and care.

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