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Opening in 2007, Crown Trophy of Mercerville has grown from building our first order in the basement of our home while we completed construction on our first storefront, to now expanding into our currently facility twice the size. With that expansion came and expansion of our services as well to now include our Crown Apparel and Signs by Crown division. Family owned and operated, we are excited to continue to grow alongside our clients in their personal, professional, athletic and coaching careers. One of our current objectives is to promote what we call 21 Value coaching, honoring coaches and leaders in all walks of life who work towards developing and building students, athletes, friends and employees in 21 Universal Values. 21 Value Coach & Athlete 1. It's okay to make mistakes. 2. How to be a leader. 3. When to be a follower. 4. Body language speaks volumes. 5. How to control your emotions. 6. Setting and achieving goals. 7. Success requires hard work. 8. How to win/succeed with class. 9. How to lose/fail with dignity. 10. Success requires sacrifice. 11. Know your strengths and weaknesses. 12. Being healthy is important. 13. You must discipline yourself. 14. How to deal with pressure and stress. 15. You're responsible for yourself. 16. Life isn't always fair. 17. Together everyone achieves more. 18. There will be tough times. 19. How to manage time efficiently. 20. Respect everyone. 21. Focus on what you can control.

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