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Christina Spinelli, Vice President and “MyBanker” at Berkshire Bank provides a concierge banking service for busy professionals, meaning she will come to your house or office to handle all your banking needs. Other banks may offer similar services, such as investment advising or private banking, but usually only for very wealthy clients and for an extra fee. Berkshire’s “MyBanker” is available for all customers, not just those at the private banking level.

MyBanker relationships at Berkshire run the gamut of financial services – offering proactive financial planning guidance as well as offering a hand with
courtesy requests, such as ensuring a check clears at a certain time or visiting a customer’s home to help familiarize them with online banking.

Spinelli serves as your main point of contact within the bank and facilitates all transactions for you. She can open and manage checking accounts, CD’s, money market accounts, savings accounts, home equity loans and business checking accounts, “Any retail banking product that a person would physically walk into a branch for, I offer the same thing, meaning, I’m sort of like a mobile bank.”

Who is an ideal candidate to take advantage of Spinelli and Berkshire’s MyBanker? “I want someone who wants a relati onship and is going to grow. Maybe they’re starting out a new business and right now they just need to get their business checking account opened, then down the road they’re going to need loans and more
accounts. I’ll be there to guide and assist at every stage, personally handling their account as it grows.”

Spinelli understands the importance of building relationships with her customers, which makes this a perfect role for her. “I really enjoy helping people and building relationships. My favorite thing to do is sit down with someone and learn more about them personally and professionally to help them strategize for the
future. Just being a sounding board for my customers can be a huge asset to them, in addition to my advice and recommendations. Knowing that I can have a hand in helping people achieve their goals is what makes my role so fulfilling. I love helping people, I love getti ng to know people and I love working with people.”

To set up an appointment with MyBanker Christina Spinelli, you can reach her at 609-503-7275.

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