Featured Member: Joyce Cantalice, Financial Specialist

As my career has taken twists and turns over the years, my very best decision was dedicating myself to serving my hometown, Hamilton.

As a Financial Specialist, I can work anywhere, but in 2015 as I evaluated my life, it was apparent to me, that life would be better lived if my energy was spent in Hamilton.  Afterall, I grew up here (so I am a Hamiltonian), I raise my children here, and with commuting eliminated, I’d be able to invest time in the community that I love and call home.

After only 4 short years, I am often referred to now as the “Connector.”  I am passionate about connecting people in our community to expand our work and to create, collaborate, and enhance all that is Hamilton.

Enough about me, though.  How can I help you?  The other hat I wear is “the go-to person.”  Everybody needs a “go-to.”  We work hard in this community making a home for our families, creating a lifestyle where we can enjoy family, friends, vacations, activities:  Wow, do we like our activities.  The kids are in 3 baseball leagues, 4 dance classes, lacrosse, football, gymnastics, cheer, and the list goes on.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  And, honestly, we don’t have a lot of time to think and often not even time to plan our futures.

Take a deep breath and sit back for a moment and reflect on the next few questions:

What happens if my spouse doesn’t make it home tonight?

Forget the unbearable thought of life without them …..  Think about how you maintain your family in the house you call home, in the activities that they love, in the community that is now your support system.

Have you planned for that what if? How about if I get hurt and can’t work?  Will I be able to afford our current lifestyle?  Who will pay for all the extras that we have come to expect?

Okay, I have all that covered, she really can’t expect me to think of other what-ifs.

Oh, yes, I can.  What if you want to retire someday?  What if you outlive your money?

What then ……….There are many questions I could pose to you and much to think about.  Call me today for an appointment.  Let’s discuss your goals and options.  Never a fee for our conversations but plenty of education and understanding.

Joyce Cantalice, Financial Specialist Joyce_cantalice@glic.com