Featured Member: MINDful WELLness

MINDful WELLness, located in Hamilton, is the furthest thing from an average gym. Its peaceful group environment provides a fun and educational fitness experience. Certified group fitness instructor, nutritionist, and life coach Noelmarie Rossi and Brad Sabo welcome clients of all ages to try a program personally tailored to them. “It’s for people who never worked out a day in their lives and for people who work out every day,” says Rossi.

MINDful WELLness takes a client’s goal and helps them achieve it by working with the mind and the body. Rossi says “I believe if you don’t change the mind, the body is not going to change.” Their program is based on their five pillars of wellness: Focus, Fuel, Fitness, Forward, and Future.

With Focus, Rossi helps clients discover why they might be having a hard time achieving their goals such as losing weight. Clients learn to realize their daily habits and beliefs that might be preventing them from reaching their ideal selves.

“The Fuel portion of our program is personalized nutrition counselling and coaching,” Rossi says. “It’s about teaching our clients what their bodies need, instead of restricting calories and fighting the yo-yo effect that comes with not fueling enough.”

With Fitness, clients participate in small group exercise classes based on dynamic functional movement that targets the entire body head to toe. Workouts are based on the three natural planes the body moves on to help prevent injury. “You don’t have to compete with the person next to you,” Rossi says. Each exercise has different options and levels. On Satur-days, Rossi runs recovery classes that involve yoga and meditation.

The Forward part of the program is about giving back, where members will be able to participate in charity events every eight weeks. “Brad and I want nothing more than to give back to the community. It’s a vital part of our program and a main reason why we opened MINDful in the first place.”

With Future, Rossi encourages her clients to go out and teach others the healthy habits they learn at MINDful WELLness. “The idea behind Future is by teaching one individual, they will then pass their knowledge on to friends, family or co-workers, and before you know it, the one person whose life you changed, could very well change many more!” says Rossi.

A client’s program is designed after they complete a member assessment and medical questionnaire to discover their goals. The program also uses an InBody machine that measures weight, water, and muscle-to-fat ratio in every part of the body to discover how much fuel someone needs.

Rossi and Sabo opened MINDful WELLness so that people can have a place to learn about what works for their body. Every client has Rossi as their trainer, life coach, and nutritionist. “It’s really a family environment that goes way beyond the four walls of the gym,” Rossi says. Classes are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with recovery classes on Saturday.

MINDful WELLness, 1800 Route 33, Forest Glen Shopping Center,  Hamilton. www.mindfulwellness.fit or 609-890-8888.